Wuhan Eternal Technologies Co.,LTD is founded by ETSC Technologies Co.,LTD . Eternal Technologies is a Hi-tech company which is specialized in the field of optical communication, especially in OEIC and silicon photonics technology. Eternal shares global research source (support by ETSC Technologies Co) and innovation technology system source (support by Chinese Academy of Sciences) with its partners. As a core optical technology supplier, the company supports optoelectronic chips, optical components and comprehensive solutions which include from subsystem to automated production and test equipment to for its clients.

The development of OEIC and silicon photonics technology is a trend in optical technology and it is also the basic technology for the high speed optical communication in the future. Our products include optoelectronic chips, optical components, subsystems and automated production and test equipment.

For the photoelectric chips, we provide 2.5G, 10G, 25G and 45G (one side rate)—the whole series of PD\APD\PD Array; laser chip design; key process service of III-V materials based on AWG technology, we provide passive PLC chips to satisfy the demand of 40G\100G optical components; based on CMOS technology, we provide a series of silicon optical passive devices and customized design service for active silicon based device.

As for optical components, we support high speed 40G/100G TOSA/ROSA that have package of high reliability and high air impermeability and can be used for long distance application.

In additional Eternal provides customized burn-in system for testing the aging of semiconductor optical devices, reliability test and aging test of TO devices, COC chips, etc.

Eternal has already successfully developed a series of chips, optical components and test equipment in the field of high speed device, which is a complete solution solution that we can satisfy the needs of our clients.The products include

(1)high speed optical chips

PLC chip: 40G/100G CWDM4  MUX/DMUX chip;

PD chip:10G/25G PD/APD/PD Array chip;

Customized design service for laser chip;

Customized design service for key process service of III-V materials;

Silicon optical passive devices and customized design service for active silicon base device

(2)High speed optical components



(3) Automated production and test equipment

Semiconductor aging system