LHX series Burn- In system

LHX series products are customizable Burn-In test system for the Burn-In test. The fixture can be designed for different kinds of optical components with different structures and materials. The system provides high temperature environment for the Burn- In test. Most importantly, the system can be highly customized, it will match all the requirements of the customers. Meanwhile, it can be made into all-in-one cabinet device, or split device for Burn-In and control device.


  • Customized current range: 100uA~ 20A
  • Customized voltage range: 3.3V~ 100V
  • Working mode: ACC, APC, LIV
  • Monitor the status of each channel’s components: invalid and close
  • Remote control by Ethernet communication interface


  • Optical components’ customize and Burn- In
  • Customized fixture

(1)High temperature environment

Fixture (High temperature resistance 85°C- 125°C- 150°C- 175°C- 200°C)

(3)Controlling software